Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray provides a very broad view of teeth, jaws, sinuses, jaw joints and nasal areas. They are not designed to find cavities like other x-rays. Rather, they reveal problems such as impacted teeth, bone abnormalities and fractures, infections, and cysts or tumors. Because of this, they are a staple technology in any oral or maxillofacial practice. Panoramic x-rays provide an accurate and trusted diagnosis so that the most viable treatment plans can be executed.

Imaging Technique:
Panoramic X-rays use a machine that rotates around the patient's head to capture a single, continuous image of the entire mouth, including the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures.

2D Image:
Unlike traditional dental X-rays that capture individual images of specific teeth, panoramic X-rays produce a 2D image that displays the entire oral and maxillofacial region in one shot.

Common Uses:
These X-rays are commonly employed for various diagnostic purposes, treatment planning, and monitoring dental and orthodontic conditions.

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